Saturday, June 4, 2011

You say potato...

Until recently, if you didn't look closely, you may have thought we were attempting to grow garbage in our backyard. Actually, in some ways, we kind of are. But I'm not planning to talk about composting today.

While Aaron was busy sniper planting his potatoes throughout our yard to varying degrees of success, I decided we should take an approach I read in Gayla Trail's book, Grow Great Grub and plant some seedling potatoes in a garbage can. (Note, seed potatoes are important. Grocery store potatoes can carry diseases that will cause you to have unhealthy plants. We got our seed potatoes from Sky Nursery.)

The technique is pretty simple. Drill a bunch of holes in a garbage can. Add dirt & potatoes. Water. As they grow, add more dirt.

Also note that we have the can up on blocks. Good drainage is important.

I have absolutely no idea how many potatoes this is going to yield, but so far our plants have completely taken off. It took them a little while to get started, but once they broke the surface there was no holding them back. At this point, once we add just a little more dirt our garbage can will be completely full.  Then, I gather we get to wait.

That's one thing about this whole gardening business. I'm not a big fan of the hurry up and wait thing. It sure seems to permeate through life in a lot of ways though. I should really learn to be a more patient person.

But I digress.

I understand now we have to wait until the vines are withered and dry, then leave the potatoes in the soil for a couple more weeks before we can harvest them. If all goes well we'll have a can full of awesome potatoes. Followed by awesome potato-y food.

See why I'm no good at waiting?

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