Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Strawberry Weekend Pt. 2

A flat of strawberries is a lot. Especially when they're so ripe that you have to down them as fast as possible to avoid losing your investment to your compost bin (which isn't a total loss I guess. But it's still sad). We'd already planned on making some fresh lemonade so in light of our impulsive strawberry buy, we decided to make it strawberry lemonade! It's the superior drink in my book anyway.

The thing is, when you have a lot going on in your kitchen and two people who both think they know what they're doing, the plan can go slightly awry. First, poor Aaron got three lemons (3/8 of our double batch recipe) nicely squeezed and then inadvertently bumped the vessel that he was juicing into and dumped it all over the dog lying beneath him. We conceded to make a single batch and went back to our individual tasks at hand. Aaron got to work on the strawberries for the lemonade while I worked on one of our other weekend concoctions (oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies, I believe. It all starts to run together) and I wasn't paying attention. A little while later I looked up to see Aaron dumping the strawberries into his freshly squeezed juice proudly. Straight off the cutting board. Tart as can be.

Soo, our lemonade was not quite as sweet as I prefer. It wasn't horribly tart (thanks to the fact that the recipe calls for sugar syrup to begin with and Aaron adding a couple spoonfuls of sugar after realizing what had happened). I'm sure not everyone in the world even bothers to sugar the strawberries before adding them to the lemonade. But not everyone in the world eats chocolate either. Or so I hear. (Who are those crazies anyway?) It was still quite good and even better - the dog smelled lemony fresh!

But what about you? How do you prefer your lemonade?

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