Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh the places we go!

Look at that! Our little baby blog is one year old already!

It's great fun to look back at the year and see all of the fun things we've attempted. And the ones that we've accomplished, too. We continue the quest for great food and are still chasing that darn carrot. Aaron's sniper plants continue to pop up all over the yard, including the potatoes that wouldn't fit in the garbage can. He also still likes to reminisce about the irony of his life. We don't choose to buy such big bags of flour anymore because we'd rather try to eat a little more locally. We're still making our house a home with help from our every expanding victory garden. Though the backyard still needs a fair amount of help, especially the soil.

I can't wait to make some strawberry fools from the new plants we added this year. And our little Charlie Brown Pear tree is doing remarkably well. Though his peach friend had a rough winter.

The 4th of July will be sneaking up on everyone soon, so don't forget to eat your red, white, and blue.

Operation stair climb came to an end when I moved to a different building that has significantly less stairs. But I did gain a live in mascot. Win!

The grass has begun to grow and some days I long for the time just to watch it all happen.

Aaron's Land Lover's Gumbo has been our most popular post to date, in large part thanks to the wonders of Pinterest.

How far we've come in that one short year. So, even though you can't go home again, you can definitely move forward. With a cupcake in hand, of course.

Here's to another year of fun!

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