Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to the Basics

Three years ago I was a horrible cook (with the exception of chocolate chip cookies), I loathed almost all green foods, and I would have rather poked my eye out with a fork than pull a weed. I was pretty sure that the Olive Garden was the best food ever. The idea of composting, however wonderful for the planet, made me wrinkle my nose and envision grubby worm-filled infestations of rotting stuff under my sink. (What would have been rotting, I'm not entirely sure, since I hardly ate fresh foods). And if someone ever told me that I'd be buying pig intestine to encase homemade sausages one day, I'd have questioned their sanity. Yet, the transition from then to now was so gradual that I almost wouldn't have noticed without the incredulous comments from my parents, wondering what happened to their health-food-and-chore-hating daughter. ("Since when do you eat asparagus??  Who are you??") Looking back though, I'm amazed myself to see how far I've come.

This isn't to say I'm some sort of born again veggie who snubs everything processed and turns her nose up at people who don't frequent the Farmer's Market.  Far from it. I'm still more than happy to indulge in everything chocolate and sometimes life just isn't complete without a Costco hot dog. It's just that I've discovered, with the help of my husband, the joy of getting back to the basics.

Since then we've delved into cooking, gardening, composting, charcuterie, cheese-making, and baking. And we have plans to tackle loads more.

So, this is our journey. Past, present, and future.

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  1. "Since when do you eat asparagus?? Who are you??" LOL! We might have said that along with the spinach and a few other brightly colored veggies and fruit you now consume! Taste buds mature also fortunately! Your Poppy always use to tell me that a man that works the land and is not afraid to get dirty is a great man. He is smiling down on you both. Love reading your blogs! Your writing never ceases to amaze me! It's wonderful! Love you!